Sunday, January 4, 2015

Guyana Self-Reliance Committee

When we arrived in Guyana, we had a PEF committee; President Sobers (chairman), Samantha Reese, Marcia Meredith, Ann Marie Meredith, and Christopher Jordan. The Sappington's had organized this group before we came and they are fabulous amazing people.  After awhile an employment specialist was called from every branch; Sita Khan was called from Vreed-en-Hoop, Suzy Wong-yip from Diamond, Zailoon Barrow from Demerara, Sharmain Ramsay from Garden Park, Shondell Fullington from Linden, and Raquel Baccus from Georgetown.  We also had employment specialists from Berbice; Bibi, Brother Darmley, Imran, and Sister Samaroo, who we trained and had workshops with.
We met with our PEF committee and our employment specialists regularly.  Elder Negron from Puerto Rico was our leader.  He came  now and then to train us.  When Elder Gay, Elder Cornish, and Mike Murray came and taught us the Doctrine of Self-Reliance and our committee decided they were willing to work together to have a Center for Self-Reliance, the two committees became one - the Self-Reliance Committee.
Before we left to come home they were again making a bunch of changes.  The employment specialists were to teach self-reliance classes in all the branches.  There were three new classes.  We had classes every week before we came home to teach the self reliance committee how to help those in need.
Before we left we had a graduation ceremony and I (Sister Beecher) awarded certificates.  We really loved our committee members and were so impressed with their great capabilities and desire to help.

Eon Ageda, a smart wonderful returned missionary.

Sister Meredith, an amazing lady - District YW President - a great family.

Ann Marie Meredith, young, brilliant, helped us with technology challenges.  She married after we left.

Suzy Wong-yip, took her job seriously, and worked hard to help us.  She was a great friend.

Sister Zailoon Barrow, so capable and industrious.  She and her husband Wayne have kept things going.

Brother Wayne Barrow, OUR HERO, the self-reliance specialist, former district president, and dedicated to helping the members.

Sister Meredith baked us a Bon Voyage cake.

Sister Barrow, Suzy Wong-yip, Samantha Reese (Her husband was the branch president.  She had a powerful testimony and we loved her dearly.) and Sister Meredith.  My blond brownies in the front - a regular.

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