Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Troy Fullington and Shondell Dainty's Wedding

October 11, 2013

We got to know Troy and Shondel when we went to Linden and stayed with Elder and Sister Summers and spent two days training them on the Career Workshop.  They were called as their branch's Employment Specialists.  We had a great time and were so impressed with them, their background, skills, challenges, and how much fun they were.  Troy is a computer expert and Shondel had worked various places.  She mostly stayed home and helped raise her younger brothers. Troy and Shondel had been engaged to be married for a year or so, but Shondel could not get her previous husband to grant her a divorce.  He lived out on one of the islands and so communication was a challenge.  She actually paid a lawyer to help her and then the lawyer left the country and took her hard-to-come-by money.  I went to the Guyana High Court with her several times and helped her with the divorce business.  It took months with one challenge after another.  Finally she got the word that it had been finalized.  We were so happy.  Elder Beecher paid all the fees so they could get married for a wedding present.  They didn't have the money and they had been so faithful and waited so long.
Troy in the white shirt holding his niece waiting outside in the line.

Sister and Elder Beutler and Shondel's brother Kenny Semple behind them.

Troy again with his cute niece.

Shondel's sister and husband and baby, and Kenny Semple

Shondel is in the center holding the niece between Troy's mother and Troy.  It was a happy day.

Troy became the branch president in Linden.  He got a PEF loan to take a course at MaCorp to become an excavator operator.  We hope someday he gets a good job.

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