Monday, January 19, 2015

Where are we anyway?

All the little villages along the road had names.  As we would ride along in the car, I would try to snap a picture.

This one should start with an "F".  I think it says farsighted?

The names came from several different languages.  Guyana was ruled in the past by the English, the Dutch, the French, and probably others.

The Princess Hotel

There is a small airport along this road called the Ogle Airport.

There were a couple backwater resorts along this road to Linden.  When you put your hand in the water it looked orange because of all the iron oxide.

There were many Hindu and Muslim Temples in Guyana.  I think this one is a Hindu Temple because the Muslim Temples were green and white. The pile of white sand is a common sight.  Sometimes the pile would completely block narrow streets.

There were many other names of villages.  Some of the others that I remember were "Letter T", and "Glazier's Lust".

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