Saturday, January 17, 2015

Community Center Handing Over

June, 2013,

Pastor Kublal was an interesting fellow.  He had his own congregation.  He had a school behind his home and that is where they met.  It was in Sophia which is a rough neighborhood.  Elder Beutler met with him and was teaching him with the help of the elders and Elder Beecher.  He was very interested in comparing the teachings in the Book of Mormon with the Bible.  One time he said that he wanted to put a sign out in front of his house that read, "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."  We wondered about him and who knows his heart?  He did want books for his school.  He also convinced President Benn and the Cooks to do a humanitarian project to renovate an old police station into a community center.  He was kind of a challenge to work with, but the building was completed and we had a handing over.
Pastor Kublal speaking, community and religious leaders, Marcia McKenzie representing the Church.

Sister and Elder Beutler, Elder Beecher, and Elder and Sister Cook

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  1. It looks that it went good and everything went perfectly as planned. Such event should held more often. Thank you for sharing details of the event with us