Monday, January 26, 2015

Final Goodbye's and a Stop to see Phil and Liz on the Way Home

 March 2, 2014
It was so sad to leave Guyana and so happy at the same time.  We were sorry to leave our wonderful friends and their beautiful country, but so excited to see the family at home.  What a bittersweet time.
Elder Beecher, Cameta Williams, Aran Stephen (home from his mission) the D'Oliviera's, Chrissy Tsaturyn - whose husband works for the U.S. Embassy, and Sister and Elder Monson.

 Our last Sunday, we went to church at Prashad Nagar for fast and testimony meeting.  We started out mission in that branch, and knew many members there.  We knew it would be hard to say good-bye to our friends in LaGrange and Vreed-en-Hoop where we went to Church for the last year of our mission.  We went up together to bear our testimonies and cried together.  It was a great meeting and an emotional time.  Later that day we met with the Celebration 2015 committee.  Elder and Sister Monson were there helping.  The Celebration was to commemorate the Church being in the Caribbean for 25 years in 2015.  They were planning talent shows with singing, stories, dance, cooking, and many other talents.

Brother and Sister D'Oliviera, wonderful members of the Church.

President Keon Taylor, Courtney Douglas, Brother Tillock,  Elder Beecher, Cameta Williams, etc.

President McKenzie and Brother deJonge with Elder Beecher.  They came home with us to help us clean out our fridge.  We left early the next morning.

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