Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Luncheon for non-member friends between conference sessions

October 6, 2013

The District Presidency hosted a luncheon for some of our humanitarian friends and church leaders between sessions on the Saturday of Conference.  Then they are invited to stay for Conference.  We loved our humanitarian friends and they were very gracious to come to our events.  They want to stay friends with the Church, and we want to let them know what we believe.  It is a win-win friendship.

Sister Beutler, Zarina, Fezima, Bernice Mansel, Nandy London, Sister and Elder Surujbhan

Vo Nella Goodluck and Rowena Bowen

Elder Beecher, Lions Club friend, Ray Seebarran, President Bharat, President and Sister Ramnarain, Andre Meredith, Xaviera Henry

Ronald McCarrel, twin brothers in the blue and white that are Church leaders, ?, Megan Anderson, Samantha Reese front right

President and Sister Chin, and President and Sister Reese

Sister Meredith serving in the back

Christine Jones, Aneeza and Courtney Douglas-great friends!

President Reese and Leon Wilkins

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