Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Missionaries with whom we served and some baptisms

We met with the elders on Tuesday mornings for District meeting.  We had Zone meetings about every three months when President and Sister Mehr and the AP's would come.  We also attended two couple conferences in Trinidad where all the Senior Couples would meet.  We did have opportunities now and then to share the Gospel and bear our testimonies.  In Guyana the people are outwardly religious.  They have scriptures on their cars, and all the elementary schools have religious names.  The missionaries found it easier to baptize in Guyana than out on some of the islands, but it was hard for people to stay active.  Their lives are such a struggle - transportation to get to meetings was a challenge.  Many of them made great sacrifices to come to Church.
We liked to take pictures every six weeks on transfer days.  This was our last transfer day.  Front row:  Elder Ramdhanie, Elder and Sister Surujbhan, E & S Beecher, Elder Moya  Second row: Brother Stewart, Elder Rivers, Elder Patetefa, ?, Elder Anderson, Elder Guiterrez, Back row: Elder Leany, Elder ?,Elder Loewen and Elder Watson, Elder Stephen, and Elder Egbert

Elder Loewen, Elder Watson, Elder Beecher, Elder Semple, Elder Leany, Back row: ? and Elder Hodgkinson

We enjoyed working with the elders.  Every three months all the foreign missionaries had to go to Suriname to renew their tourist visas.  We made several trips to Suriname with the elders, We ordered things for them, and often fed them and helped take care of them.  The members loved them.  We had some fantastic elders.

Roy, Brother Mingo,  Amecia Dahl, and Roy's brother in law  

Elder Barstow, Amecia, and Brother Mingo

Elder Stewart, friends of the Daniels who were baptized, Elder Moya

Brother Stewart, Elder Anderson, Elder Steven, Elder Rivers?, Elder Patetefa, Elder Ramdhane, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Brown, Elder Egbert, Elder Richardson, Front Row, Elder Stewart, Sister and Elder Surujbhan, Elder Moya, Elder and Sister Beecher

Back row: ?, Elder Anderson, Elder Steven, ?, Elder Fatetefa, Elder Ramdhame, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Brown, Elder Egbert, Elder Richardson, Elder Moya
Front row: Elder Stewart, E&S Beutler, E&S Surujbhan, and E&S Beecher

Looks like pizza - it must be a district meeting

The Elders were good teachers and trainers.  District meetings were informative.
Elder Rivers, ?, Elder Egbert, Brother Stewart, Elder Fatetefa, Elder Gutierrez

Elder Beecher in the center 

Elder and Sister Beutler

Elder Ramdhamy and Elder Fiame

Elder Richardson, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Brown, Kerron Thompson, Elder Ramdhame, Elder Fiame, Elder Steven, and Elder Beecher

Elder Richardson, Elder Hodgkinson, Kerron Thompson, Elder Moya, Elder Ramdhamy, Elder Fiame, Elder Brown, Elder Steven, Elder Stewart, and Sister Beecher

The AP's at Zone meeting.  Elder Creech on the right.

Senior missionaries at zone meeting,  Elder and Sister Samaroo, Elder Carter and Elder Esplin, Sister Carter in the yellow

Elder Cuehlo, Elder Moya, Bro. Stewart, Elder Stewart, and Elder Brown

Elder Richardson, Elder Ramdhamy, and Elder Nedd

Elder Beecher and Elder Esplin

Two Elders serving in Berbice

Elder Richardson, Elder Stewart, and Elder Hodgkinson
Elder Cuehlo and Elder Moya

Elder Watson and Elder Carter

?, ?, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Richardson, and Elder Patetefa

Thanksgiving Dinner at Prashad Nagar, Elder Egbert, Elder Patetefa, Elder Steven, Kenny Semple, Elder Loewen

Marcia and President McKenzie, Sister Benn and Elder and Sister Beutler

We met this triple time king of Calypso singers in the Botanical Gardens and invited him to come and sing for us.  Then the missionaries sang to him.

Elder Beecher, Elder Loewen, Elder Stephen, Brother Mingo

President McKenzie, Brother Negron, Sister Benn, Elder Beecher, Elder Dallin, and Elder Moya

Elder Anderson and President Benn

Elder Jushau, Elder Giddings, Elder McClain, Elder Meacham, Elder Mankeneasy, Elder Rollins, Elder Anreanmanantena, Elder Nedd.  In the front, Elder Wilson, Elder Anderson, and Sister Beecher

Elder Gines, Elder McClain, Elder Meacham, Elder Anderson (back), ? in yellow, Elder Babb, Elder Andreanamanatena, and Elder Wilson helping with a humanitarian project.

Elder Beecher was impressed with the length of Gavin Bynoe's fingers, whose fingers are the longest.  So we took this picture.  Elder Bynoe is now serving in Georgia.
Elder Jushau, Elder McClain, Elder Mackenesy, Elder Wilson, Dutch Elder, Elder Rollins

Elder Ceuhlo, Elder Ramkissoon, Elder Beecher in Rosignol.

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