Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Birds and other things we will miss.

We loved all the tropical birds and blossoms in Guyana.  Here are a few.  Elder Cook could tell you all the different kinds of birds.  We will also miss the fruit; the mangos, papayas, pineapple, shaddock, etc.!

A snail kite.  They ate snails off the plants in the trenches. They would drop the snails from high in the air onto a hard surface so their shells would crack open.

Limpkin is a funny bird with an awkward walk. We saw them almost everyday that we walked in the Botanical Garden.

There were trenches everywhere - many filled with water lilies.

The scarlet ibis were beautiful, especially flying/gliding into roost just before dusk. They roosted in the same trees as the white ibis.


It made our day when we could see a toucan in the botanical gardens.

Our gecko that jumped out of the toaster when his tail got singed.

We inherited a cat from Sister Sappington.  Sister Beutler fed him and he was a good mouser.

This water bird is on the back of a manatee at the botanical garden.

We will miss the horse carts that hauled everything you could think of.

We passed this brindled dog sitting in the road most mornings.

The water lilies were beautiful.

This beautiful big bird was right across the street from our house.

There were lots of noisy green parrots.

We often saw big red headed woodpeckers.

This woodpecker was a couple blocks from our house.

Two parrots and a kisskadee.

The white egrets roosting.

A trench full of water lilies.

In the botanical garden.

We heard the woodpeckers before we saw them.

A white egret in the ocean next to the sea wall.

We saw oriels often in the Botanical Gardens, but this yellow bird is a different kind.
We saw these cute little blue birds close to the sea wall.

A vulture on a post out in the ocean.

The moon coming up - taken from the Prashad Nagar parking lot.
There are many things we will miss in Guyana -especially the people.  Our mission was a life-changing, growing, amazing, challenging, rewarding experience.  We learned to trust our Heavenly Father and rely on Him for everything.  We are so grateful that we could share this wonderful opportunity with each other.

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