Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making Newborn Kits with the Lions

November 30, 2013  Putting together the newborn kits with the Lions Club members.

Brother Ramotar on the left

Sister Danraj (Surujbhan) on the left

President McKenzie, Sister Ramotar, Sister Baccus,  Odette Mayer? , a lady Lion, and Sister D'Oliviera

Seated: Sister Norris, Sister Johnson, and Sister Goodluck

Second from left, Ray Seebarran, our Lions Club President, Davy in the center- she is an inactive member of the Church.

When the Lion's Club received the container from the Church, it had flannel in it for baby blankets.  Sister Beutler headed up the project to get 500 baby blankets hemmed.  Sister Chin helped Elder and Sister Beecher purchase diapers, outfits, pins, socks, and other items for the newborn kits.  When the blankets were finished we had a wonderful gathering to put the newborn kits together.  There were at least 30 Lions Club members from different clubs around the country and 10 members of the Church who met at Prashad Nagar.  We had great refreshments and a great time together socializing.

Sister Beecher, Sister and Elder Esplin, Ray Seebarran in front of his three story auto spares shop, Elder and Sister Carter, Elder Beecher and Sister and Elder Beutler.  The Georgetown Lions Club donated back to us some of the quilts that were sent in the container.  Sister Esplin had such a great time in their Bushlot Branch delivering quilts to the sick and elderly.

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