Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random Pictures

Great memories we could not leave out, although we are afraid we have left out some important things.  As we look back we are so grateful for the opportunities and experiences that we had on our mission.  It is wonderful to be a missionary and be able to devote all your time, talents, and energy to building the Kingdom of God.  We learned so much and made so many friends that we will love through the eternities.  We are so grateful for our Heavenly Father and his protection, guidance, patience, tender mercies, and loving kindness.  We learned that we didn't need to fear.  He was always watching over us.  We learned to rely on Him and do the things he wanted us to do.  When we did that miracles would happen.  We pray that he will continue to bless and strengthen the Church in the amazing country of Guyana.

This blue heron welcomed us to Guyana on our first trip to the sea wall.

Katie walking on seawall in Georgetown.

The land side of the sea wall.  It was covered with pictures and advertisements in Georgetown.

The Prashad Nagar Church

Our car, a Toyota Rav 4

We slept under a mosquito net until Elder Beecher decided it was too hot, he would rather get bit by the mosquitos.  

The home just a couple houses behind us where the U.S. Embassy humanitarian fellows lived.

The Caribbean people love bright happy colors.

Our House

We passed this home on our morning walks.   The family was very friendly.

Burning the cane fields

Looking down our street as we started off for our morning walk.

Parika market

Toll gate we passed through to cross the Demerara Harbour Bridge

New construction

Traffic in Georgetown.

The passenger buses most people use for transportation.
A home near St. Cuthbert's Mission.

In Bourda Market

On the river in Linden.

There are many chicken pens from the Church's humanitarian project.

Cheddi Jagan Airport, Georgetown's airport.

President Goodluck's son Randy.

A cow wading in a trench with a cattle egret riding on his back.
House on the way to Berbice

We loved the great breeze on the seawall for our morning walk.

Two pigs cooling off in a trench

An interesting building on the sea wall road

Many men rode their bicycles caring their pet birds.  We heard they gambled with the birds. If your bird could sing the longest you would win.  Some birds cost 2,000 or 3,000 dollars US.

The Rose Hall Church in Berbice. 

The interior of Guyana from the air looks like it's covered with broccoli.

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  1. These are really good pictures, I really like that you being humble and cherishing old moments. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us