Monday, December 8, 2014

The Missionaries of Charity and John Ganesh

February 2014
The Missionaries of Charity had a Catholic nunnery right next door to the Garden Park Branch.  President and Sister Chin did most of the landscaping and mowing at the branch buildings.  Sister Margaret Chin was a great friend to the nuns and instigated humanitarian projects to help them.  The nuns invited us to come to their celebration of the completion of their home for the elderly.  The Nuns there were so amazing.  They had a nursery for about 43 children.  A couple of times we went to visit and they had all of the children ages 2 to 4 all asleep or resting quietly.  We thought it was miraculous.  They had a center for the elderly and were taking care of 15 elderly people.  There was a therapy pool and the Church helped them with a water pump and a power washer.  The Church also supplied the beds and mattresses and bedding for the beds, and  a fridge.  They had to feed those who lived there, but they were also getting ready to open a soup kitchen.  We became friends with Sister Leonice, the Mother Superior.  She was quite young, maybe 35, but we felt a real bond with her.  
The power washer - not me, it's in the box.

The Nuns' center for the elderly.
 John Ganesh was a good Catholic who helped the Nuns with their building projects and many other things.  He owned a large shipping business.  He imported many things to sell in Guyana. We ordered the water pump for the Nuns from him.  He was willing to hire some of our Church members.  

The Nuns center for the elderly.

The container for the water pump and the garden

The bedroom for the elderly.

John Ganesh, Sister Leonice, Sister Beecher and another friendly nun.

John Ganesh and his wife

The children asleep at the Nunnery
The nursery at the Nunnery
This was amazing to us.
John Ganesh has a shipping business and he was just completing his new warehouse.  On the very top of this four story building he built a kitchen and area to serve guests and have parties.  It is built of the nicest materials we saw anywhere in Guyana.  It is on High Street across from Ashmans, and just up the street from Carnegie.
It is close to the Demerara River
The green building on the left is Carnegie.
The Ashman's store on the right.
Starbroek Market with all the cars.  On the right you can see the spire of the famous largest wooden church in the world.
It was a great view.

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