Monday, January 5, 2015

Yippee! Generator is installed at Carnegie

October 18, 2014

(NOTE: We left Guyana March 3, 2014.)

Yesterday we received this email from our beloved Myrna Lee, the Vice Principal at the Carnegie School of Home Economics.  Mrs. Lee said it correctly.  It was a long drawn out process to get this education/humanitarian project completed.  We exchanged a generator, supplied by the Church, in exchange for scholarships.  We hope that our members are taking advantage of the scholarships offered there.
Oct 16 (2 days ago)
to Kimball, Cindy, me
From Myrna Lee

Hello Hello!!! My Friends.
Thank God’s almost a reality. 
Hours rolled into days ...weeks....months....and over a year.  The little chit chat, a sudden thought, an idea, an agreement, a dream, hard work, pressing on when things seemed hopeless, letters, calls, emails, visits, cheers and photo shoots, goodbyes and hello’s and now it’s almost a reality.
The generator is here at Carnegie. It has been installed and works.
We would love to have you be a part of a celebration...the commissioning.  You are important!!
A formal invitation will follow this mail. It is likely the event will be on Tuesday morning at 10:00am.
Your all have played your part and so I thank God for this and pray to see the project to its full maturity.  I am honored and equally blessed to have shared in this experience with you all. 
Please let me know if there is anything you would wish to say before, during or after the ceremony.  I bless you all. Do greet your families for me...kiss the babies for me first.
Myrna Lee 
“I am not going to miss out on something great just because it might be hard.”  
 Following Jesus Christ takes the friction out of hardship.

Have a blessed day.

Milton Stevens, a wonderful dedicated returned missionary was our first scholarship recipient.  He was studying to be a cook.

Mrs. Long's sewing class at Carnegie helped hem baby blanks for new born kits.  Mrs. Long on the left, her students with Elder Beecher, Mrs. Lee, and Mrs. Harris.

Elder Beecher, school secretary, Sister Beecher, Mrs. Penny Harris, Principal, and Myrna Lee, assistant Principal.  We loved Myrna Lee and had some interesting gospel discussions with her.  We would have loved to have had more.  In this picture we are celebrating that we finally got the project approved, which took a long time because we were waiting for the Ministry of Education to give its approval. THAT was after waiting a very long time to get the funding for the generator to go through lengthy processes.

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