Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet the Neighbors

Today Mrs. Lorene Grant (in the middle), who's husband was the US Ambassador from Guyana, invited us to tea.  She lives next to BK International who owns four houses across from us and east of her.  She invited Gwen, who lives two houses to the west of us; Sybil, who lives down a block around the corner on the Eastern Highway, and her cousin who lives in Kitty a few months of the year.

Mrs. Grant has been telling us for months, "Oh, I must invite you to tea." A couple of weeks ago we set up an actual time and day for tea. She surprised us by inviting others, had fresh flowers, and a variety of baked pastries; pine tarts, cheese tarts, salt fish sandwiches, watermelon, ice cream, cucumber and ginger drink, and more.  We took some bran muffins to add to the menu.
We had a delightful time.  The three on the right are widows and we told them about eternal marriage in our temples:)   Gwen and her husband lived in London, Africa, etc.  She taught a nursing Masters class at the University of Guyana.  Her husband has a college in town.  Mrs. Grant and her husband lived in several places in Africa, London, and in Washington D.C. for nine years. She and her husband used to take some of their guests to drive past the Washington D.C. Temple. She loved the Temple's Christmas programs with several choirs. Mrs. Grant's cousin spent 9 years living in India with her husband, and she spends half of her time in the Bronx, New York City.
Sybil told us a great story.  We were talking about how safe the neighborhood is.  She lives alone now that her husband has passed away.  One morning about 7:30, she was awakened by a noise in another bedroom.  She got up to investigate.  As she walked out of her bedroom the robber walked out of another bedroom.  She said sweetly, "Good morning".  He said "Good morning, Granny."  She said, "Let me show you how you get out of this house."  She walked down and got the keys and opened the front door.  He thanked her and walked out, then ran and climbed over the fence and was gone!  She found out that he had found a ladder in the shed and climbed up to a second story window.  He removed the slats of glass to be able to climb in the window.  She said that the detective was still laughing at her story as he climbed on his motorcycle to leave.  She said that she was really blessed, she didn't even feel afraid. A month or so later we met her at Bernice Mansel's wedding anniversary celebration. She introduced us to her daughter, also a guest, as her Mormon friends. She was dressed in finest green brocade gown and her emerald jewelry. 

Mrs. Grant told us that she listens to "Blurred Lines" as she walks.  She was very animated as she showed us how it makes her feel energetic.  We had an absolutely delightful time!  We tried to  introduce the elders to these new friends.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chris and Marissa's wedding

Boxing Day 2013

Chris, son of President and Sister Chin, and Marissa were married.  They have been building their home in the Chin's back yard for at least a year.  He is a barber, and she teaches school.  They were a very popular couple.  There were 6 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids who walked down the isle as couples and were followed by the bride and her brother Kurtis Charles.  The outfits were glamorous and the decorations festive.  After the ceremony which consisted of several speakers and then the vows, they took pictures and then had a big sit down dinner.  We were wowed by the colors.
President Chin, Olivia Chin, Grandma, Marissa, Chris, Auntie, Sister Chin, and Chris' father.

Sabrina, Jamal Sobers, and Melissa Gaspar
Jared Crookshank, ? , and Teresa Singh
Love the colors!

Marissa had a beautiful Modest dress.
The Guyanese love to dress up.  Sister Reese is in the orange dress.
The cultural hall looked great.  Nelson Nurse did the decorations.

Christmas with the Elders

On Christmas Eve day, we and Elder and Sister Surujbhan, prepared Christmas dinner for the Elders.  Elder Surujbhan made beef stew and chicken curry and puri (a flat bread with chick peas in it).  Sister Surujbhan made pepperpot ( a popular meat dish made with a cow's face and cassava syrup and spices).  She also cut up fruit and brought soda pop.  We cooked a ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, jello, and a cake.  It was an interesting mix.
The Elder's were so excited to watch their movie, that they brought the television outside where we were eating under the carport.  We watched "Despicable Me" and laughed a lot.
Christmas dinner under the carport.

Combination Guyanese/American Menu

The Guyanese leave the bones in - maybe it gives more flavor.

Mesmerized by the movie, "Despicable Me"

Elder Loewen, Elder Anderson, Elder Moya, Elder Egbert, and Elder Laney playing the white elephant gift exchange game.

Most exciting gifts; the helping hands t-shirt, ties, aprons.  Least exciting was a jar of change.  The largest coin they make is $10.00 which is worth a nickle.

Starting left, Elder Stephen, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Loewen, Elder Egbert, Elder Anderson , Elder Moya, Elder Ramdahne, Brother Mingo, Elder and Sister Surujbhan, Elder Laney, me, and in the front Elder Patetefa, and Brother Semple.

Christmas Day, the Elders came over to skype with their families.

My most vivid memory:  I popped out with at least 75 chigger bites.  We still had a wonderful Christmas and got to visit with most of our children.