Monday, January 5, 2015

Final Party with Humanitarian Friends

March 1, 2014
The Saturday before we left which was on a Monday morning, we invited many of our wonderful non-member humanitarian friends over for a social.  The Francom's were coming to Guyana, and we wanted these friends to have a contact with the Church.  We hoped to Skype with them, but that didn't work out. We also invited the District presidency, and some of our other Church leaders, so that they would still have friends in the Church and they would be able to keep in touch.
Bernice Mansel and Zarina, from the Bernice Mansel Foundation, Michael who was in the U.S. military doing humanitarian service for the U.S. Embassy, Nandy London, who taught at Bernice's school, and was a neighbor of ours, and President Keon Taylor. Nandy loved to walk with us many mornings in the Botanical Gardens.

Michael, who is back now in North Carolina, Elder Beecher, President Taylor, and Fazal Hamid, from Hamid Hardware store.  He was a great guy who helped us by donating electrical supplies so that a blind fellow could have electricity in his house.

Cynthia Massey, who is director of the Ptolemy Reid foundation where they care for the disabled, her friend who is our neighbor and a doctor. We finally met her.  We would see her walking in the mornings.  Miss Simmons, who worked with Cynthia, and is a singer.

Sister Rose and President Kendrick Benn

President Benn, Elder Surujbhan, Ray Seebarran, who is the Lion's Club President.  We worked with him often.  He was very kind and helpful. Elder Beecher and Elder and Sister Monson.

Vo Nella Goodluck, President Goodluck's wife, Christine Jordan, and Naomi Taylor, President Taylor's wife, with Sister Benn.

It was a fun evening.  Elder Surujbhan is center back with Elder Monson.

Mrs. Long, the sewing teacher at Carnegie, Elder Beecher, and Mrs. Harris, the Principal at Carnegie.

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