Monday, January 5, 2015

Some friends we will remember

We made so many wonderful friends in Guyana. Here are some of them.

The Diamond Relief Society

The security guard around the corner who was our friend.

Angel Negron, our PEF leader from Puerto Rico, with Elder Beecher and Cynthia Massey.

Sister D'Oliviera, a wonderful capable friend, who taught me how to make roti in my kitchen.
We went to Church in the LaGrange and Vreed-en-Hoop branches.  These were some of our great friends there.  Courtney and Aneeza Douglas, Christine Jones, Sister D'Oliviera and her sons, Steve and Anthony.
President Clive Chin and his wife Margaret.  He was the Branch President in the Diamond Branch and now he is in the District Presidency.   They are hard working and wonderful.

Elder Gamiette, former Mission President of the West Indies, and now an Area Seventy, with one of our very favorites, Troy Narine.
Sister Singh and Ryan her grandson from the Prashad Nagar Branch
Our newspaper lady.  Elder Beecher bought a newspaper every Friday so he could type up the job openings.
Miguel Oviado who is over training at McCorp
Hugh Griffith, a great teacher at McCorp

Here we are with Marcia and President McKenzie, some of the first members we met, and great friends throughout our mission.
When we visited Phil and Liz in the D.R. on our way home, two of our Guyana friends were there also going through the Temple for the the first time (Sister Griffith and Brother Granger). Brother Granger was the oldest member of the Church in Guyana.

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