Wednesday, October 9, 2013

August Activities

August Activities
 YSA Activity at Garden Park
The YSA were taught how to do embossing on metal plates by Brother Barrow, and how to make pizza by Sister Beutler.  Suzy Wong-Yip taught how to decorate a cake.  Only 10 YSA came, and not one of the YSA leaders, but the ones who came had a great time.   The pizza was delicious.
Leon Wilkins.

Candacy Grenada and Cameta Williams decorating the cake with fruit.  Cameta is from a Muslim family and the only member in her family.
Cameta, far left, brought her boy friend Geoffery Walton, James Liu Xaing, Sister Johnson, Sister Barrow, and Sister Surujbhan's daughter from Canada.

Here are some pictures from our morning walks.

Homeless man asleep in the Botanical Gardens

Sister Beutler and a new addition to the sea wall.  The sea kept flooding over, so they have added 30 inches of concrete to the top of the sea wall.
This lady had a cute skirt and shoes that matched her top.

The Elders unloaded a container for the Bernice Mansell Foundation.

The Elders are unloading a container full of clothes, shoes, school and hygiene kits, quilts, and blankets.  It took quite a while to get the container open.
President Pooran and Zarina from the Bernice Mansell Foundation at the Handing Over Ceremony
Elder Fiame in the trailer, Elder Stewart, Elder Brown, Elder Moya, Elder Beecher, Brother Augustine, and Elder Beutler in the blue shirt by the fence.  The elders worked so hard.  Those containers hold a lot of stuff.

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