Sunday, October 13, 2013

Converts and Baptisms

September, 2013

We have been so blessed to have a bunch of young men get baptized this past month.  In our mission we have been teaching keep the Sabbath day holy and have a 24 hour fast with no water and pay your fast offering.  We have been receiving many blessings.  The members are giving referrals and going out with the Elders to teach.  We can feel the "Hastening Happening"  
Elder Beutler went on his first mission to Taiwan.  He met James in Guyana when James came to conference at the church.  The Elders taught James, but Elder Beutler went along to help James with English.  I believe it is a miracle that James found someone who spoke his language.  James is from China and is an Electrical Engineer.

Sheryl, Jean Zepher, and Elizabeth Taylor.  Jean is the mother of Sheryl and Elizabeth.  They were converted because of the vision project we had last February.  

Elder Moya, Travis Eastmond, Mario Moonsammy, Brother Surujbhan, President Pooran, Elder Stewart, and Victor Allicot.
Three great men were baptized on September 28.

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