Sunday, October 13, 2013

Self-Reliance Exhibition

September 14, 2013
Georgetown District had their first Self-Reliance Exhibition.  Brother and Sister Barrow have been working for a long time to  have a market where members could sell their arts and crafts and snacks to make a little extra money.  We have been working with them and together teaching different groups to make jewelry out of recycled materials.  We had this self-reliance exhibition so that members could bring things they had made to exhibit.  We had a fun time and a pretty good turn-out.  It was decided that we had enough people interested and with items to sell that we could set up a market.  Our first market will be held down on Main Street next Saturday.
Sharmain Ramsay, Sister Norris, and Sharon Surujbhan

Sisters rolling paper beads in the front.

Sister Parris with her crocheting

Shania Thorn made the arrangements and did the Barbie skirt with petals from silk flowers.

Shania also did the picture in the back and decorated the shoes with jewels.

Sister Norris made this cute crinkly red skirt and other things.

Sister D'Oliveira with her herbs and plants.

Brother Baburam and Sister Barrow.  The Barrows have painted bottles, embossed tin, made bracelets and jewelry out of paper and covered egg shells with layers of paper and sanded the paper off in places so that different colors show, and now they will shellac them.

Courtney Douglas and his new wife Aneeza painted these pictures.

The brethren were having a domino tournament at the church, so they came over to check it out.
President Pooran in the green and white.  We work with him on all the humanitarian projects.  He is close to 30, single, and an eligible bachelor.

Sister Surujbhan brought all her cosmetology equipment and she is doing Suzy Wong-yip's hair.

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  1. Hey, send me the black shoes with the diamond jewels on them .... size 7!!! Beautiful.