Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visit to Berbice Aug. 2013

We have been working on a humanitarian/education project with The Business School in Georgetown.   Brother Acosta, our humanitarian leader from the D.R., went with us to visit Mr. Bovell at the school and we talked to him about his needs at the school.  He determined that he really needed a generator because there are blackouts quite often.  He was willing to give us scholarships to his school in exchange for the generator.   Our branch presidents worked with applicants to determine if they were worthy, needy and ambitious.  Then with President Mehr's guidance, our PEF committee determined the scholarship recipients.  Twenty one scholarships were given about half of them to return missionaries.  Students are either taking CXC classes so they can complete their secondary education, or they are taking business classes.  Because the school has a campus in New Amsterdam which is out in Berbice, we were able to give four scholarships to members out there.
We went out to Berbice to talk to the scholarship recipients and Steve at The Business School out there.  We also visited with some of our PEF participants.  We stayed with the Carters in East Canje.  Here are some pictures from our morning walk.
Taken from Carter's porch.  They live in Canje out in the country.

Many houses are on stilts, I think because of flooding.

The horses in the country look well fed.

The red fruits are just decorative.  You can't eat them.

Scruffy looking black hawk.

Some yards are beautiful and well maintained.

A fellow selling crabs on the roadside.

Glad this fellow is on the other side of the trench.

Red breasted blackbird.

A man came chasing us down the road to give us this sack of
star-apple (purple) and guava (green) fruit.  Maybe he thought we were the Carters.  We liked him better than we liked the fruit:)

Back in Georgetown Elder Beecher was turning right and someone was passing him on the right at the same time.  The fellow's name is Mark McKenzie and he wondered if our church had a Sunday School for his children.  We need to send the Elders.

Here we our having piano lessons outside because there was a blackout.  This is Kwame King.

Kwame's brother Martin.

Keon Taylor, whose wedding pictures are coming up.

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