Tuesday, October 8, 2013

D'Oliveira's Self Reliance Shining Stars

August 2013
We took the Vanderbeeks, who are serving in Suriname over to LaGrange to visit the D'Oliveira family and see their chicken business.  They are going to start the Food Initiative over in Suriname.  
Sister D'Oliveira takes care of the chicken business.  Her business has grown from one pen to at least five pens.  She even raises ducks.  She has chickens that are layers, and chickens that are broilers.  We buy our eggs and chicken to eat from her.  She saved her money from selling and bought more chickens, a freezer, and a plucking machine.  She even has an ipad!  Brother D'Oliveira is a carpenter.  They have three sons.  Chris just came home from a mission.  Steve, 16, is one of our piano students, and Anthony, 12.
The sign outside on the road.  "No sale on Sunday"

Sister D'Oliveira tends the baby chicks.  She gives them medicine so they don't get sick.

She grows herbs for seasoning and medicine.

Sister D'Oliviera and her earth stove.

Here she is with her plucking machine.  You put a chicken in there with hot water.  I think it spins and the feathers come off:)

The broiler chickens are ready in six or seven weeks.

The Vanderbeeks in the outdoor kitchen.  She has an earth stove that they built back in the back.

She grows many beautiful plants.

And papayas.

She dries the orange peel to keep the cockroaches away!
Sister D'Oliveira has learned to manage her money, take care of the things she has, keep improving their situation and she always makes time to serve others.  She is a great example of being self-reliant. She is an incredible example of most things.

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  1. Please tell the D'Olivera's hi for us. We sooooo enjoyed their friendship!