Sunday, October 13, 2013

Keon Taylor and Naomi Frazer's Wedding

September 28, 2013
Keon Taylor and Naomi Frazer, both returned missionaries, were married at the Prashad Nagar Church.  They were married before by civil authorities, and then had this wedding celebration at the church.  Elder Beecher was one of the speakers.  He talked about the recipe for a happy marriage.  Sister Sobers was the other speaker.  They had a simple ceremony, went away somewhere to take pictures.  Then they had a dinner in the Cultural hall.  Sister Beutler and I made cinnamon rolls for the occasion.  Interestingly, some family members didn't come for the ceremony.  They just came later for the party.

Naomi and Keon at the wedding.
Keon was so excited to be married.
Candacy Grenada, Cameta Williams, and Sophie Henry all dressed up for the wedding.
Elder Stewart and Elder Moya taught Geoffery the Gospel. ( He is standing a step below them.)
Maybe I need some high heels??
The groom with President Pooran.
The bride with Sister D'Oliveira.  The bride's dress is beautiful.  Sister D'Oliveira is wearing an East Indian outfit.

Geoffery Watson and Cameta Williams.  Cameta is Geoffery's girlfriend.  She introduced him to the church and he was just baptized.

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