Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lion's Club Celebration

January 25, 2014

We had another opportunity to represent the Church at the Lion's Club Celebration.  Ray Seebarran invited nine of us from the Church to the fancy Lion's Club party at the Georgetown Club and they had us stand and thanked us profusely and graciously.  Members of Lion's Clubs from all over Guyana were there, and a lady from the Canadian Embassy who was an assistant to the Canadian Ambassador.  The Church, arranged for by Elder and Sister Cook, had given Ray Seebarran's Lion's Club a big 40 foot container with clothes, shoes, quilts, blankets, hygiene kits, school kits, and more.  Ray shared the items with the other Lions Clubs and they were distributed to many needy people.  At the party they had a slide show playing showing pictures of the distribution of the items.  

We mixed and mingled with the Lions Club members

Rowena Bowen, Public Affairs Director for the Church, Sister and Elder Surujbhan, and Christopher Jordan

We saw this Indian fellow dancing at other events in Georgetown.

This was our entertainment.

The assistant to the Ambassador from Canada and Ray Seebarran

Ray with the dark hair was our protector.  He was a great friend to us and to the Church.

Another item in the container was flannel for baby blankets.  Sister Beutler was in charge of getting 500 baby blankets made.  All the Georgetown Relief Societies helped hem the flannel.  We also arranged for Mrs. Long's sewing class at Carnegie to help.  Nicole La Rouche from the cemetery records office, and her sewing club also helped sew blankets.  We need to insert a story here about Nicole. One day when Mike Murray was here in Guyana with Elder Gay, he wanted to look for his ancestor's grave.  His great grandfather's brother came to Guyana from Scotland, was a doctor, and died in Guyana.  The lady at the cemetery screamed at Brother Murray, Elder Beecher, and President Pooran, and told them they could not go look for the grave.  (The cemetery was totally overgrown and probably full of snakes, etc.)  We went back to the cemetery and the lady, Nicole La Rouche was sewing a beautiful blue tufted pillow top.  We raved about how beautiful it was.  Some time later we were on our way home on our morning walk and a car stopped across the street and a lady jumped out and came across the road joyfully waving her arms and smiling like a long lost friend.  It was Nicole La Rouche.  We made arrangements to go to her sewing club to drop off material.  The elders even visited the sewing club a few times.  It just goes to show how a few nice words can make a friend.
Elder Beecher, Mike Murray, Elder Gay, and Elder Cornish

The room at the cemetery where they kept the records.  We wished we could get record preservation missionaries to come to Guyana.

The records were stored with all the cleaning supplies
We picked up baby blankets from Nicole LaRoche in her cemetery office.

left to right: Sister Ramotar, Sister Daniels, Sister Endardeo, Sister D'Oliviera, and ?, working on the baby blankets.

Vreed-en-Hoop and LaGrange sisters hem the baby blankets. 

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