Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Handing Overs with President Taylor

February 2014
We love President Taylor.  Keon returned home from serving his mission in Guyana while we were serving there.  He was in the LaGrange Branch where we were assigned to go to Church.  He was one of our dedicated piano students and we were privileged to spend lots of time with him.  He had a girl friend when he came home and that didn't work out well, but he knew he should get married.  Someone suggested Naomi Frazer would be a good wife and he started dating her.  We also knew Naomi.  She is a sweet gal and a returned missionary.  We got to be a listening ear for Keon as they courted and had their ups and downs.  Keon was called to be a counselor in the District Presidency with President Goodluck. President Chin is the first counselor.  We love them all and enjoyed our association with them.
The hygiene kits in the Emergency Container in LaGrange had expired items in them, so we had to find homes for them so they could be replaced.
Two organizations had requested help from the Church, so we made arrangements to take them some hygiene kits and other things and President Taylor came to make the presentations.
The Lifeline Organization helped single mothers

President Keon Taylor presenting the items we had collected.

The Lifeline ladies with Elder Beecher, President Taylor, Sister Beecher, and Sister Rowena Bowen

Doing the handing over with the members of the Church of the Transfiguration

President Taylor with the leader of the Church of the Transfiguration

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