Saturday, June 1, 2013

YSA Water Party

May 25, 2013
The Monson's came from Trinidad to help us with our YSA water party.  They are teaching us that every part of every activity should be tied to a Gospel principle.  The water fight could be compared to the war in Heaven, and then you discuss how it applies to you in your life.  It works really well and makes the activity more meaningful.
Anthony and Steve D'Oliviera and Elder and Sister Beutler

Elder Monson, ?, Elder Beecher, and Jimmime, one of our piano students.

Sister D'Oliveira and the Singh family.  Sister Singh cooked the  Cook-up  rice, which is rice with chicken and vegetables and spices in it.  We love the Singh family.  The father passed away while we were there, and left the mother with 6 children to care for.

The Monsons' led the fun and games.

Sister Singh whipped up this big pot of cook-up rice. The port was at least 2 feet diameter and deep.

The three slip and slide winners, Courtney Douglas, a mini missionary, and Keon Taylor.
 It was a great activity.  The attendance was not great because it was pouring rain all morning, but the food was good.  We sent them home with a hot dog and started the party with the Cook up rice.  Those who came had a great time.  We enjoyed having Elder and Sister Monson come to visit and train us. The water was off at the Church, so nobody could clean off, nor really clean up very well.

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