Saturday, June 1, 2013

A walk through the Botanical Gardens

The road into the Botanical Gardens

One day there were five monkeys in this tree. 
June 1, 2013
Five mornings a week we walk through the botanical gardens.  On Fridays we walk on the sea wall, and on Sundays we don't walk.  We walk rain or shine unless we need to take or pick up someone at the airport.  We have seen five snakes over there, but thankfully they have all been dead! We love to see the birds.  Our morning walks with the Beutlers are one of our favorite things.
Elder Beecher and Elder Beutler

Horse carts like this one drive all over and carry various and interesting things.

Water lilies fill the trenches.

It's very green
A toucan with his head bent over.
A snail kite
Two friends we saw most mornings in the Garden.
Men from the Guyana Military would train in the Gardens.
Mr. Henry, from the Ministry of Labor.

Looking out the west end of the Botanical Gardens.

Our friend, Nandy London, walked with us many mornings.
We would often pass our friend Gera.

The pond where we would sometimes see the manatee.

This man was extremely friendly. He would always nod vigorously and greet us.

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