Thursday, June 6, 2013

May's Monthly Report

MAY’S MONTHLY REPORT IN THE WIM by Elder and Sister Beecher
The time goes by in lightning speeds sprinkled with a few moments that drag on like heavy weights pulling at us.  Those moments are usually tied with communication problems. Much time and effort was spent to get the PEF loan ready for President Sampson in Barbados. Information was submitted and then the waiting would begin and then it would be repeated over and over. Hopefully everything will be in place soon.
The Young Single Adult training and activity were fantastic even with no power, no water, rain… The limited number of YSA participants was supplemented with neighborhood kids. One mini-missionary said that it was the best activity he has ever been to in his life. I guess all the bug bites were worth it after all. We had an incredible Family Home Evening/celebration for the cast members that had been in the play/roadshow. The idea of tying a gospel principle to every activity was so powerfully felt by everyone at the Family Home Evening. The hymns, the lesson, the activities/games everything was tied to a gospel principle. We were also able to use that in a Family Home Evening with members.  A member invited us to FHE and after we got there assigned us to give the lesson. Of course, FHE was started with a song and then as the lesson we took the song and discussed the meaning.  When the brother tried to twist things to reprimand his wife, the discussion was turned around without offending him or anyone else. That was a miracle.
The piano lessons are going slowly.  The students that make progress are the ones that practice. It would be wonderful if they had support from home to make sure they were practicing and practicing correctly. It would make a marked difference. Sometimes the power is off and only one keyboard has batteries.  We can solve that problem. The lighting is another thing and sometimes the building is locked. We have some students that are consistently there and twice that number that come sporadically. Jimmime is always excited to help others learn.  He is the most advanced and is so proud of his accomplishments. They are all anxious to help carry things out to the car. They enjoy being helpful. Perhaps they are learning some other valuable traits, i.e. being helpful, even if the music learning is limited.
The CXC preparatory classes got started.  They are a little shaky. If it has been a rainy day, there have been both teacher and students who have not gone to class. There are many surprises for us.  We are learning slowly. We are excited that a strong possibility for free textbooks has opened up. We are overwhelmed with the offer to teach classes for a year or maybe longer for free is so freely offered.  We are trying to make contact with an inactive member of the Church who has verbally expressed to his branch president that he is willing to teach both math and English in Rosignol. That will bring the total to four places in Georgetown and one in Berbice for members to get their CXC preparatory classes in math and English.  These classes are especially important in light of the Daniels’ twins in Rosignol who have dropped out of school because their regular teacher became ill and they have not been able to learn because their new teacher is unable to maintain discipline.  This means that the Daniels have become dropouts without their CXCs with a big debt and no way to pay off their loans. Another huge happy note is that a grant is approved, verbally at this point, to help purchase materials, including computers for the upcoming Office Management, IT, and other computer classes. We think that is fantastic.
PEF changes continue to evolve. When we go to the Utah for our son’s wedding we are spending some time with Robert Hokanson who is over self-employment and small business loans. He is going to help us know what is available and what to do to help in that area. We seem to have a growing number of interested people in that area. We have talked to a couple sisters about building earthen ovens. We have learned that better information is obtained by visiting in person rather than by talking on the phone. Some of our PEF students are struggling and others are marching forward.
The Dunfords visited Guyana to get some video for a new Caribbean project. We took them to the D’Oliveiras home because they have a Church Humanitarian chicken pen. The D’Oliveiras have an incredible setup.  It is inspiring.  They exemplify being self-sufficient. Then Elder and Sister Monson gave Sister D’Oliveira a ride home with all of the things she had supplied for the YSA activity. They asked to see her operation and were delighted with what they found.
President Pooran asked us to provide a slide show of the Humanitarian, PEF, CXC… activities for the Family Awareness Week. Sister Cook has done most of the work. We have provided some pictures and editing suggestions. I will include it in an attachment. Sister Cook has done a remarkable job with this Smilebox.
We feel very needed and we know that Heavenly Father is guiding and helping us.  We know His hand is in this work and miracles happen.  We are excited to go for our Ramsay’s wedding and while home to learn new ways the Church can help, and return to hopefully help a few more people.

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