Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Drive through Georgetown

One afternoon after we finished at the stelling for Family Awareness Week we dropped Sister Chin off downtown.  School was just getting out, and it was crazy as usual.
It had been raining.  It's hard to see how deep the water is on the side of the road.

Armed guards stand outside of Mohammeds gold and jewelry store.

School children wear uniforms.  There are many colors and kinds.

Driving is crazy.  The rules are often for somebody else to follow.

Buses like the one on the right are everywhere.  They take the people all over.  They rush in front of you and then stop so they can be there first to get the customers.  The number shows what route they drive.

Even the little kids are out and about in all this traffic.

There are few sidewalks so people walk in the roads - wandering horses, too.

The horse carts make deliveries all over town, and there are hundreds of taxis.

A big beautiful new building.  We watched one day as they hauled  by hand over hand the cement up in buckets to make the columns.

Oh, there a sidewalk here.

We are driving down Sheriff, one of the main roads.  We live 2 1/2 blocks off Sheriff.

The students wait for buses after school.

This guy is crossing the road with all his equipment.

Almost home from our drive through Georgetown.

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