Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Awareness Week

June 13 -21

Family Awareness Week was kicked off with an opening ceremony at the Prashad Nagar chapel.  Many members were there and also the Leader of the Opposition for Guyana, Georgetown Mayor, members of the Interfaith Religious Organization, also Cynthia Massay and Miss Simmons from Ptolemy Reed, Bernice Mansel and Zarina, and Rae Seebarran the Lion's Club President.  Several speeches were given.  The importance of the family to our lives, our communities, and the world was proclaimed.  The mayor said that he had two sons who were members of the church.  The President of the Religious organization said that he would be a Mormon if he didn't have his own church.  We helped Sister Cook with a slide show about all the humanitarian projects the church had done in Guyana.
After the program, the special guests were invited to a little social where some of them offered prayers and gave thoughts.
Family Awareness Week kick off in the chapel.

Sister Beecher, Cynthia Massay, Miss Simmons, Xaviera Henry, Sister Rawlins

Vo Nella , Randy, and President Goodluck and Nicholas Witter who was blessed to be able to read when reading the Book of Mormon.

President Sobers and Christine Jordan

Marcia Meredith and Rowena Bowen

Sister and Elder Surujbhan in the pink and gold

President Chin, President Reese, Marcia Meredith, ?, and Sister Surujbhan

President Pooran with Zarina and Bernice Mansel

Georgetown Mayor, Ray Seebarran, Ronald McGarrell who is a pastor, and others.

On Sunday talks in the branches were centered on the family.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the days.  There were three exhibits around Georgetown where the importance of the family was discussed, pamphlets were handed out and the missionaries were there to visit with people and share a gospel message.
We were asssigned to go to the Vreed-en-Hoop stelling.  A place where speed boats give people rides across the Demerara River, and there is a marketplace.
We had good support from the members the first two days.  Thursday, there was also a Health Fair at Prashad Nagar and many members were served there.
We moved our booth next to this lady who has her "tangerines" so attractively stacked.

The outside of the stelling with the view across the river.

The passenger boats lined up ready to make the crossing.

People getting off the boat.

Sister D'Oliveira, Sister Ramotar, SherryAnn, Mark Ramotar, Elder Benson, and Bro. Stewart

We had a great discussion with a lady named Zally who owned one of the booths.  She wanted the Elders to come back and teach her.  On Saturday there was a great service project.  There were about 25 members who came including the Cooks, Beutlers and us.  We cleaned a men's boarding house.  We swept and washed walls and mopped etc.  It was fun to work with all the members.

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