Saturday, April 6, 2013

Relief Society Birthday Party

March 16, 2013

Elder Beecher and I were invited to two Relief Society Birthday Parties.  They were in the same building on the same night.  They did meet in different rooms.  We went to Vreed-en-Hoops party.  They had five long speakers.  Elder Beecher was ready to go.  He and the Branch President were the only brothers there.  The Relief Society president, Pamela Endardeo, had made a cake.  She decorated it with blue frosting and yellow decorations.  At the end of the program they asked us to come up and cut the cake.  I thought I was cutting it for everyone, so I started to make a long cut down the middle.  They stopped me and told me I was just to cut a little piece for Elder Beecher.  So I did and fed it to him, then he cut a little piece and fed it to me.  Then they turned on the loud music and dished up huge plates of fried rice and chowmein and chicken.  I didn't want any, but I have to be nice, Elder Beecher just told them he wasn't going to eat anything.  We stayed for a few minutes, and then left to go to the LaGrange Branch's party.  We got there just in time to eat also, but they were just filling up styrofoam containers, with about the same menu.  We just stayed for a few minutes and then we left.  One of the sisters at the first party told me that later they all danced.
Yvonne and Sister Daniels, Elder Beecher is having a heart to heart with Aneeza, our YSA President.

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