Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Little R & R in Suriname

  The first of April we left for Suriname.  We need to renew our visas every three months to be legal in Guyana.  We decided that this time we would take a little vacation and go visit the Cooks. We  crossed the river on the ferry that runs between Guyana and Suriname, and met the Cooks in Nickerie that afternoon.  We did do a little work along the way.  The Cooks are the humanitarian missionaries and we were working on a project that could support our CXC classes.  We discussed that project, ate a picnic lunch with President Emmanualson (the branch president in Nickerie) and then we played Rook.  The next morning we went to Bigi Pann, a large shallow lake, to see birds.  Elder Cook in a big bird watcher.
Our guide, Manee, took us out in his motor boat.

A white egret.

A Dutch couple came with us and their guide.  We had to portage
the boat to get it from the river into the channel.

Some pretty flowers along the way.

Elder Beecher really sunburned his knees.

A King Fisher from the back.

A smaller gray hawk.

The Black Hawk

More white egrets.

Our guide, Manee, holds a crab.  He spoke Dutch and Taki Taki.

We had a great time!

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