Saturday, April 6, 2013

Puppet Show for Primary

March 23, 2013

When the Summers left to go home, we inherited boxes of puppets, an amazing stage, and the dvd and scripts of puppet shows about Nutrition, Dental Health, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Hygiene.  Sister D'Oliveira was looking for help with her Primary Activity Day.  I told her that we had the puppets and she wanted me to take them to the church and leave them in the library.  Sister Summers' had instructed us that when we trained the "utes" ( they don't say "th" down here - it's one, two, tree) to do the puppet shows that they needed to wash their hands, and not set them down anywhere.  So we volunteered to teach some "utes"(youth) and put on the puppet show for the Primary.  Sister D'Oliveira's two sons, and three of the Jacob's brothers - some of our piano students- came to help.  They did a good job, and the primary children loved it.  I stressed when some of the primary children came back behind the stage with runny noses, and suckers, but we hurried and put the puppets and the stage away.  Then we had garbonzo beans with a little ham, and some souree sauce and watermelon for a snack.  We had to eat with our fingers, because someone forgot the spoons.  Elder Beecher refused to eat anything.  While we were getting the puppet show ready, he entertained the children with primary songs and musical chairs.
Steve D'Oliveira, Andre, Jemmaine Jacob, Anthony D'Oliveira, and Jemeel Jacob

Anthony D'Oliveira, Jemmaine, Jemel, and Jemeel Jacob (The Jacob brothers are our piano students.)

Elder Beecher playing primary songs.

A puppet show about avoiding alcohol.  Mike, healthy liver, brain, and alcohol.

The guys with some of the puppets.

Primary kids and leaders.

Another piano student, Kwame King tending his brother Mosiah.
His name is Mosiah King named after King Mosiah.

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