Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our CXC meeting and the Wickedest Man

March 29, 2013
We prepared for this night for a couple months, at least.  It was a holiday, Good Friday, and most everyone had the day off.  We planned a dress rehearsal for 3:00 in the afternoon for our play, The Wickedest Man (in the Book of Mormon), and then at 5:00 we had a fireside planned to kick off our CXC classes.  Then after the fireside our play was to be presented.
To prepare for the fireside, we asked for teachers to volunteer to teach the Math and English Caribbean Exam preparation classes in the branches.  We tried to get our Guyana PEF Country Committee to agree on the requirements for the students taking the classes.  We worked on a schedule for the days and times for the classes.  We decided that the requirements would be for the student to attend Seminary or Institute, attend Sacrament meeting, start a saving's account so they could pay for the exams, fulfill a calling or give on-going service, and have their branch president say that they are eligible.  Our committee had the idea to hold these classes in the branches, because so many students drop out of school, don't do well on the exams, and the process is expensive.  If students take out a PEF loan to do these classes, they end up with a debt, and no career.
We had four English teachers, four Math teachers, one Biology/Chemistry teacher, and a microsoft office course, Office Administration, and IT. 
 President Sobers gave an overview and talked about why we decided to offer the classes in the church.  Our new district employment and education person, Merlene Johnson spoke about the importance of education, Sister Reece talked about the requirements for taking the classes.  Then we had students go back to the back of the chapel and sign up for the classes they wanted.  Then President Benn, our district president spoke, and then President Goodluck, the first counselor in the mission presidency.  We had a little heartburn, because people were so slow getting there.  It finally started at 5:30, and overall it went really well.
Our play gave us stress as well.  We only had half the cast for the dress rehearsal.  The dress rehearsal finally started about 4:20.  A few more cast members came during the fireside.  Some didn't make it at all, but it turned out to be lots of fun.  The audience enjoyed it and the cast members had a good time.
Roger Ramnarain, the Judge.  He announces that we are going to choose the wickedest man in the Book of Mormon. 
The Jury:  Zitrone George, Christine Boston, Aneeza Cuehlo, Elder Beutler, Christine Jones, Sophie Singh, and Brother D'Oliveira.  They sing, "Hey, I've got a letter right here that says that they want me.  I've got a letter that calls me to be in the jury.
Music from Pete's Dragon.
Who is the wickedest man in the Book of Mormon?  Amalikiah (John Frazer)  King Noah (Christopher Jordan)
Laman and Lemuel (Keon Taylor, and Steven D'Oliveira)
Laman and Lemuel sing,"We'll always be the wickedest two" sung to "You've got to pick a pocket or two"
Sister Beutler played the keyboard.  President Sobers looks on.
The jury and courtroom people sing, "How could anybody be so wicked"  Courtroom people are:  Naomi Frazer, Sophie Henry, Selwyn Lovell, Elder Beecher, and Sister D'Oliveira
The Bailiff is Simeon Lovell
King Noah sings, "Oh, I am a bad man" to Fiddler on the Roof's, If I were a rich man.  Sophie and Christine were the dancers.
Everyone sings again, "How could anybody be so wicked" Sung to," How could anybody be so stingy" from Scrooge.  Simeon tells them to sit down and be quiet.
Amalikiah sings, "Michael Jackson's Bad"
Elder Beecher and Selwyn are the back-up in the Gadianton Band.
The Jury Foreman, Aneeza, gives the decision, WICKEDNESS NEVER BRINGS HAPPINESS.
The wicked men say, "Wickedness never brings happiness, this we never did suppose, all we ever wanted was to be happy.
Is is too late to change?
The Jury Foreman announces:  "It's never too late to change!"
Wicked men say, "I've got a warm little feeling growing inside, is this what it's like to be happy"
Everybody, "Oh let's shake off the chains of sin, that drag us down, we'll choose the right,
we know we can, and we'll be happy again."
The Grand Finale!
Nelsion Nurse, is a designer and decorator, enterpreneur, etc.  He sewed the costumes and I helped him.  He is very creative!
Elder Beecher just got home from the Priesthood session of conference and informed me that Bro. Barrows wants us to do the play again in Demerara. It will be fun to do it again.

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  1. Wow!!! So wonderful and to have Nelsion Nurse is another great miracle, isn't it?