Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Fun in Suriname

April 2, 2013
Elder and Sister Cook took us to a place called Pepperpot, where there are lots of birds and monkeys.  It was originally a cocoa plantation.  The plants there were unusual.  We saw birds, butterflies, monkeys swinging through the trees, and many beautiful plants.  Elder Beecher and I are getting to know some of the birds.  We always have a fun time with the Cooks.  The birds and monkeys were hard to catch on film, but we snapped some pictures of the flowers.
The roads in Suriname were a calm relief.

We did see some of the Scarlet Peacock butterflies.
Our next stop was the Zoo.  It's very interesting to go to a zoo down here because they have different animals in South America than we do at home.  Here are some of the fun things we saw.
The monkeys hanging out in their house.

The baby monkey is learning to swing.

The King Vulture

They speak Dutch in Suriname, so all the signs were in Dutch.

Speckled Owls


The Scarlet Ibis

A great Egret


  After the zoo, we went to the market place on the wharf.  We sat a minute and enjoyed a fancy fruit drink and the breeze.  The girls went shopping and the guys went to visit the Old Fort.  The Fort was closed.  Then we enjoyed a nice almost American dinner at the Marriot.
A very old Dutch church they are remodeling.

A famous bridge in Parimaribo

Enjoying the breeze on the wharf

We enjoyed our time in Suriname.  The feeling is totally different than Guyana.  When you arrive you feel peace and not chaos.  Everything feels organized.  There are road signs, and people obey the rules of the road.  There are not as many people.  It is much cleaner!  I noticed though that the people are not as warm and friendly and kind as the people in Guyana:)
A beautiful little tree in front of Cooks apartment.

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