Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas with the Elders

On Christmas Eve day, we and Elder and Sister Surujbhan, prepared Christmas dinner for the Elders.  Elder Surujbhan made beef stew and chicken curry and puri (a flat bread with chick peas in it).  Sister Surujbhan made pepperpot ( a popular meat dish made with a cow's face and cassava syrup and spices).  She also cut up fruit and brought soda pop.  We cooked a ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, jello, and a cake.  It was an interesting mix.
The Elder's were so excited to watch their movie, that they brought the television outside where we were eating under the carport.  We watched "Despicable Me" and laughed a lot.
Christmas dinner under the carport.

Combination Guyanese/American Menu

The Guyanese leave the bones in - maybe it gives more flavor.

Mesmerized by the movie, "Despicable Me"

Elder Loewen, Elder Anderson, Elder Moya, Elder Egbert, and Elder Laney playing the white elephant gift exchange game.

Most exciting gifts; the helping hands t-shirt, ties, aprons.  Least exciting was a jar of change.  The largest coin they make is $10.00 which is worth a nickle.

Starting left, Elder Stephen, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Loewen, Elder Egbert, Elder Anderson , Elder Moya, Elder Ramdahne, Brother Mingo, Elder and Sister Surujbhan, Elder Laney, me, and in the front Elder Patetefa, and Brother Semple.

Christmas Day, the Elders came over to skype with their families.

My most vivid memory:  I popped out with at least 75 chigger bites.  We still had a wonderful Christmas and got to visit with most of our children.

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  1. How fun to see all the elders in OUR driveway. We had many happy experiences right there in that very spot. Thanks for sharing!!!