Sunday, December 29, 2013

Visit to St. Cuthbert's Mission

November 7, 2013

Elder Beecher in the tourist shop, looking like an Amerindian warrior!

Elder and Sister Bird came to visit and we started off on our adventure.

The clouds were beautiful.  The road was long and desolate.  The red sand reminded us of southern Utah:)

Finally after 45 minutes or so some signs of life.

Love the clothes flapping in the breeze.

We visited the village store and met a couple sweet ladies.

One lady demonstrated how they make their baskets.  They dye the grasses and make beautiful designs.

We were good customers.

Here we are in front of their gathering place.  They have a big celebration in September for Amerindian Days.

Elder and Sister Bird are from Driggs, Idaho.

We walked up to see the river.  
Elder and Sister Bird came to Guyana to help the Senior Missionaries write up Public Affairs/Humanitarian projects.  They serve on St. Vincent.  We took a drive out to see St. Cuthbert's mission, and Amerindian village.  We were surprised.  We expected something more primitive, but they had fairly nice homes, a windmill, water tanks, even a police office.  We enjoyed a peaceful outing!

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