Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chris and Marissa's wedding

Boxing Day 2013

Chris, son of President and Sister Chin, and Marissa were married.  They have been building their home in the Chin's back yard for at least a year.  He is a barber, and she teaches school.  They were a very popular couple.  There were 6 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids who walked down the isle as couples and were followed by the bride and her brother Kurtis Charles.  The outfits were glamorous and the decorations festive.  After the ceremony which consisted of several speakers and then the vows, they took pictures and then had a big sit down dinner.  We were wowed by the colors.
President Chin, Olivia Chin, Grandma, Marissa, Chris, Auntie, Sister Chin, and Chris' father.

Sabrina, Jamal Sobers, and Melissa Gaspar
Jared Crookshank, ? , and Teresa Singh
Love the colors!

Marissa had a beautiful Modest dress.
The Guyanese love to dress up.  Sister Reese is in the orange dress.
The cultural hall looked great.  Nelson Nurse did the decorations.

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