Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving and Red Cross Graduation

November 26, 2012
     Thanksgiving was great.  On Tuesday Sister Beutler and I fed our 12 Georgetown Elders a Thanksgiving dinner.  We had turkey, potatoes and gravy, bora, and carrot sticks, rolls, and lots of pies.  The Elders were excited!  We went around the table and took turns talking about the things we were grateful for.  It was a sweet time.  We had our dinner at the church after the Elders had their District meeting.  Then on Thursday, we had a dinner with the other missionary couples.  We had the Beutlers, who live downstairs.  They are from Southern Idaho.  The Treseders who are from Queen Creek, Arizona, and the Summers who are from the Seattle area.  The Treseders serve in Berbice, and the Summers serve in Linden.  It was fun to get together and talk about why Thanksgiving is important to Mormons.
This banner hung at the front.

They decorated the room with their tie dye and painted fabric.

Nicole, the director.

They sang, "Lean on Me"

President Pooran, who gave a great talk.
     On Friday, Elder Beecher and I were invited to help pass out certificates at the Red Cross graduation for women with AIDS or HIV, or those associated with someone with those diseases.  The woman in charge, Nicole, had this dream to have this Art Therapy class to cheer up those women who felt so hopeless and discouraged.  She couldn't find funding, but Marlyn Waterman who is associated with the group, and a member of the church, talked to the Cooks who are humanitarian missionaries and they were able to get funding.  The Cooks have moved to Suriname, and so we were invited along with President Pooran to help.  It was very inspiring.  What a great opportunity to be able to represent the church.  The women were so grateful.  One said, "I came with nothing and I am leaving with something"  They were grateful for their patient teacher who taught them tie dye and fabric painting.  They gave us lunch, which we took with us.  It was a very inspiring event.

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  1. You are doing such good work. It makes me teary to read all that you are doing to make life better for those we love in Guyana. Thank you!