Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back yard adventure

November 2012

This is a souree tree

Banana Tree

A mango tree

A golden apple tree
The sour-ee fruit is SOUR.  The outside is soft, but it is like a citrus fruit.  We made a juice by putting the fruit in the blender and adding water and sugar.  It was something like lemonade.  Our friend, Steve Lall, a YSA would not drink it because he said that it is so acidic that it is not good for your teeth.  The Guyanese use it to make pepper sauce which they really like.
The bananas on our banana tree are almost ready.  They are getting bigger and we are just waiting for one to turn yellow.  We are excited because another bunch is starting to grow.  First comes a purple upside down tear drop shaped pod.  As the purple leaves come back the bananas appear.  Then they grow bigger and bigger.  I think there are 40 or 50 bananas in a bunch.  They have small bananas about as long as your finger, and they are apple bananas which are smaller than our regular bananas.  Their skin is thinner and a little blotchy-but tasty.
Someone told us that our mangos are called long mangos.  We are learning how to eat them.  The first time we squished it so bad it was a mess and so stringy it got caught in your teeth.  We learned to cut off the sides and just peel back the peeling as you eat it.  Elder Beutler makes a nice drink with the mango juice and milk and ice.
The golden apples are a citrus fruit.  When we first tried one we were surprised that the peeling was so hard to get off and the white part was so tough. The fruit was pretty sour.  I ate a ripe one today that was pretty gold.  It tasted good, but still sour.  A lady we met down the street gave us some.  She is a cook for a fellow who is a race car driver.  We wanted to go see him race, but the races were on Sunday.  The tree in our yard is a dwarf and maybe the fruit doesn't get very big.  The fruit is only half as big as the ones she gave us.  It is fun to experiment with the new fruits.  They have watermelon here that is about the size of cantalope at home.  They are tasty.

We wanted to take you on a walk around our back yard.  We have been trying out the fruits that are growing here.

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