Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Public Affairs Opportunities

January and February 2014
We made so many wonderful friends in the community.  We celebrated with them the good times and sad times. 
One of our friends is Cynthia Massey, director of the Ptolemy Reid Center for the Disabled.  We also loved her associate there, Mrs. Simmons, who loves to sing in a local choir.  They distribute many wheelchairs for the Church.  At Cynthia's facility, she has a boarding school for some of the students, and other students who just come there for school.  They had just completed a new building for classrooms for older students.  They even had a band room.  They have two men, Dewayne, and Dave, who make prosthetics and another fellow who makes hearing aids.  Cynthia is really an amazing woman.  We visited one day when they were having a Christmas Party and Santa was there giving gifts to at least 200 children and others.  On this day, we were there to represent the Church, for the dedication of the wonderful new school building

The Minister of Education

Students Performing

The head teacher

President Ramotar - President of Guyana

Cynthia Massey

January19th a nun unexpectedly died and a few days later we went to the funeral of Sister Mary Joselta M.C.  She was young, only about 47.  She was the best friend and assistant of Sister Leonice who is the Mother Superior of the 5 nuns who live at the Nunnery.  These two nuns worked together to build the care facility for the 20 elderly  ladies they took care of. They ran a dat care for about 40 young children and had an herb garden. They also had a day care center and were working on establishing a soup kitchen.  They did an amazing work.  We loved Sister Leonice, and went to the funeral to represent the Church and to give her support.  We had a few good friends in the congregation.  The funeral was very sweet.  At one point they sang a song about friends and everyone was shaking hands with those around them.   We were really impressed with the wonderful spirit.

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