Sunday, November 3, 2013

Visit to Tobago September 15, 2013

Before our Senior Missionary conference started on September 16, 2013, we took a day off and went to Tobago with Elder and Sister Beutler, Elder and Sister Carter, and Elder and Sister Esplin.  We met the Linton's there and they helped arrange for our stay.  We arrived in the afternoon and pulled our suitcases down the road to the motel about a block away and right on the beach.  We changed and went down to meet our glass bottom boat.  It was rainy, but whoa, we were on a white sand beach!  We sailed out to a coral reef where we were able to snorkel.  It felt so great to be swimming around in the water, and there were some fun fish and lots of coral to look at.  Then we moved on to the "Nylon Pool" where we climbed out of the boat and drifted around in the water and visited.  The water was clear and smooth and a sea green color.  The temperature was like a luke-warm bathtub.  The visiting was very enjoyable.  It was very relaxing.
Elder Beecher enjoying breakfast on our little patio on the beach.

Sister Beecher with Melanie's tiger:)

Sister Esplin, myself, and Sister Beutler were having a pink day!

We hung out while we waited for our ride.
Then we went for a drive to see the island.  The beaches are beautiful.  The water is blue!  It is not brown like in Guyana.  We drove through town and then through little villages and then ended up at a place to eat on a beach.

Elder Linton looking through the rain at a nice market.

They had just been celebrating an anniversary in Tobago and these signs were all over.  It made us think about the good old USA.

The Carter's at the King George Fort

Cocoa pods on the tree.

It had been raining and there were waterfalls on the hillside.

Elder and Sister Beecher, Elder Glen and Sister Helen Esplin, Elder Joseph and Sister Nettie Linton, Sister Lois and Elder Joseph Carter, Sister Carol and Elder Melvin Beutler

The Esplins out in front of the restaurant where we had fresh tuna steaks.

Elder Beecher with the Linton's.

This beautiful garden has a sign that says,"Blessed is everybody that hear the word of God, For every word of God is Pure..."
We enjoyed our time in Tobago, and now we are off to Trinidad for the Mission Conference.

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