Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hummingbirds in Trinidad

July 9, 2013
We stopped in Trinidad on our way back to Guyana.  We arrived at night on the ninth of July.  Elder and Sister Monson picked us up at the airport and we were privileged to stay in Elder Richard and Sister Hazie Brown's apartment.  They had just left to go home and the Ray's hadn't arrived yet.  The apartment was super nice.  We walked with the Monsons in the morning and then went to Arema to teach a Career Workshop.  There were 12 members there and it turned out very good.  The Career Workshop is so powerful.  It will bless people's lives.  That evening Sister Monson fed us and we played Wizard.  The next morning we walked and went to the mission office devotional.
We went to see the hummingbirds with Elder and Sister Gubler.  We met Sister Gubler previously at the airport in Houston.  She was on her way back to Trinidad after having her teeth worked on in Utah.  It was the second trip she had made home to the dentist. Uck.
The hummingbirds were a short drive out of the city of Valsayn.  A man named Theo lived up on a hill overlooking a misty green valley.  He has many hummingbird feeders and many hummingbirds come to visit.  He shared interesting facts including the fact that hummingbirds eat about two times their body weight in sugar every day.  Their heartbeats are very fast.  They can fly backwards, hover, and do acrobatics.  There are 17 varieties and he has seen 13 in his yard.  He also photographs the birds and sells his pictures.  Here are some of the hummingbirds we saw.

A beautiful plant and flowers.

A kiskadee.

It was a beautiful garden.  We enjoyed seeing the hummingbirds.  It was fun to be there with the Gublers.

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