Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mission Couples Conference

January 26
Wow, this month has flown by.  On January 2, we planned to fly to Trinidad for the mission couples conference.  We were on our way to the airport and the Treseders were driving.  Elder Beecher suddenly remembered that we forgot our passports.  Ackk.  Elder Treseder turned the car around and we raced back home to get our passports.  We were 45 minutes down the road when he remembered, so by the time we finally made it to the airport they had closed the flight.  There was still a half hour before it took off, but we were too late.  We called Sister Galbraith, our mission travel coordinator and she tried to change our flight to the next morning, but they said that we were already on the flight that we had missed.  We went back into the airport and tried to convince the man at the counter that he had signed us in on the flight that had left.  He would not even listen to us.  Forty five minutes later  after we had lost our cool and asked to speak to his supervisor he checked and found out that we were right.  He booked us on the flight the next morning at 5:30.  Elder and Sister Treseder drove us back to Georgetown, an hour drive, and we took them out to dinner (the least we could do).  Then we  went home to bed and woke up at 2:00.  So that we could be at the airport at 3:30.  We were there in time for the conference to begin on Thursday morning, but missed the activities the night before.
It was great to be at the conference.  There were twenty some couples there and a couple single sisters.  It was wonderful to meet all those missionaries and feel like we were a part of something great, not just working away on our own.  The conference was inspiring, uplifting, and motivating!  Here are some of the things I came away with: " Preach the Gospel all day every day.  If you need to use words."(President Uctdorf)  Starve your Problems - Feed your Opportunities.  Before you speak, Taste your words.  How to obtain real growth - train a replacement.  Where there is no vision, people perish. What is that feeling you are feeling?  Follow that feeling.  Understand and honor your covenants.  Review covenants you have made in the temple.  Help the Elders be obedient.  Help members prepare for new missionaries.  Work with councils. Study Preach my Gospel.  This is true on the earth in which you stand.  Know the the thoughts and intents of the hearts of those you teach. (Ether Cha. 1 & 2, Ether 2:14, Alma 10:17, Alma 8:16, and Moroni 7:38-47) and many other things.

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