Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trip to Linden to train Troy and Shondel and stay with the Summers

Dec. 4 & 5
Linden is south of Georgetown, out in the country.  When you
get to Linden a dirt road continues to Brazil.
It is about a two hour drive to Linden.  You drive along the Demerara River.  There are fruit stands along the way and we even stopped to buy some honey.  The pineapple is amazingly good.  We brought back four.  We like getting out of Georgetown and getting away from so many crazy drivers.

All the school children wear uniforms.  Every school has a
different kind and color.  The villages along the way have great
names.  There is Garden of Eden, Supply, Friendship, Good
Hope, etc. One of our favorites is McDoom.

This home is in Linden.  You can't see all the shiny mirrors in
the tile, but it is pretty fancy.                                                      

We  loved being in Linden with the Summers and staying in their home.  Went for a nice quiet walk in the morning and picked some "caleo" from a friend's garden and Sister Summers made us a spinach shake:)  It was delicious!
Troy and Shondell are planning to get married as soon as she can get a divorce from her past husband.  He has moved to an island somewhere.  She knows where he is but he doesn't want to give her a divorce.  Troy and Shondell are living the gospel and staying worthy of a temple marriage, but they are anxious to be married and start a family.  We really admire them for staying so strong.  They have plans to start a business.  They have a spot for a business and a lot for a home.  What a challenge.
On Dec. 4th we drove to Linden to train our Employment Specialists there.  We have two, Troy Fullington and his fiance, Shondell Dainty.  We went to the Summer's home.  Elder and Sister Summers are missionaries and Elder Summers in the branch president.  We spent all afternoon going through the Career Workshop with Troy and Shondell and then again the next morning.  We were so impressed with the wonderful material.  It is

so empowering.  We wish that our family members could take the course.  I think they can at an LDS Employment center.  We also met with two of our PEF girls and worked on the buck bead necklaces.  They, hopefully, are making the necklaces to pay off their loans.

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  1. Thanks again for your write-ups and pictures. It brings back so many happy memories for us! Merry Christmas. Give our love to the other couples.