Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At the MTC

We are at the MTC (Mission Training Center) in Provo, Utah.  We came on Bob's 66th birthday.  We spent the day getting oriented, lectured, organized, and getting into our room, which consists of a hallway, bedroom, and bathroom.  There is a built-in desk for two and the Elders who helped us move in said that it was much nicer than their accommodations.  It does have a framed picture of Christ and the Woman at the Well.  We have not spent much time in the room and it has everything we need, including an air conditioning fan, which we have turned off most of the time.  The weather is beautiful.  We have the need to step out in the fresh air and breathe deeply a few times a day.  We have gone on some nice walks, once out-of-bounds and then around the mission property, which includes the temple grounds.  This is a gorgeous time of year in Provo with the leaves turning bright fall colors.  We have connections with several people here at the MTC.  Ralph Benson and his wife are going to Stuttgart, Germany.  Ralph was in the Austrian Mission with Bob.  A single sister, down the hall, a couple of doors is Pearl Clement's granddaughter.  She was born in the same hospital as Bob and lived in the Tri-Cities for much of her growing up years.  We have seen Julie Schneider, from our home ward.  She is going to Montana.  The MTC is almost at capacity- maybe over.  Some couples are staying at the Marriott.  There are 118 senior missionaries, which is perhaps the largest group of senior missionaries the MTC has ever had.  We also saw Elizabeth Hoyt, from our Young Single Adult ward, who is going to Russia on a mission.  We have met some wonderful people who are  going to serve all over the world.  We sang last night in the choir at the fireside where Elder Kopesche and his wife spoke.  We are learning how to teach using Preach My Gospel.   Today we got a box from our kids with sugar free candy and gum, letters and notes from the kids and grandkids, and it was delivered to us during our small class time.  What a treat!  We are grateful for their sweet notes.  The only other thing that has been delivered was a notification to another couple that they needed to get some additional shots or medication. We got a note from Liz and are going to meet her for lunch when she comes to the MTC on Friday.  She offered to get us anything we need.  She already took us shopping to get Katie a purse.  Actually two purses were purchased.  One is a big red bag and the other is smaller and could fit inside if it is not stuffed to the brim. The spirit is great here!  It is a beautiful place!


  1. Sister Alicia Phagwah from Berbice is in the air flying toward her assignment at Temple Square. She will likely be in the MTC on September 11. She is a darling. Please find her and introduce yourself to her. Wish we were there, too, but the Angus' from Vernal, who went home last February, are coming to Guyana for a couple of weeks for a Humanitarian Service project. I hope you get to meet them, too.

    1. Sister Beecher spoke with Alicia on the phone. A couple that we met at the MTC knew the Harris and Alicia is staying with them. We will meet Alicia at the big map at the MTC at 5:45 on Tuesday. We will actually go to Provo from SLC for the Tuesday devotional. We will be staying with Bob's mom. We are the only PEF couple at the MTC. The senior missionaries totaled 118 which contributed to an all time high of 2,750 missionaries at the MTC.