Sunday, August 12, 2012


On July 20 we went to St. George to visit Ed and Linda Sappington.   They returned from serving with the Perpetual Education Fund and Employment Resources in Guyana in June.   We think we are going to replace them.  They are lovely people and were so helpful.  They talked non-stop for two days trying to answer all our questions and tell us all about what to expect in Guyana.  They told us to be "Careful and Not Fearful" and to LOVE the people.  We enjoyed our time together so much.  They are still answering our questions regularly and we are so grateful.
We have been back to the Perpetual Education Fund service center in the church office building to volunteer and learn more every time we go.  This next week we are going to go to Education Week at BYU.  We plan to take a Family Search class there.  We are supposed to be familiar with Family Search and be able to help the Guyanese people learn about it.

We stopped at the Family History Center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building when we were with Bob's cousin, Kaylynn and her husband David Arnell.  We had fun finding out a few things about Bob's ancestors.
We have spent a lot of time this week working on our sprinkler system and getting our yard in shape.  We are also trying to downsize and make room for Ruth and Nate and Scout to move in upstairs.  Rhett and Jan, Ruston, Annie, and Lindsay are going to stay in the basement.  We found a bunch of old treasures and gave the kids and grandkids monopoly money and we had an auction.  The grandkids were excited!  I don't think the parents were quite as excited:).

We have a book of lists, and although we have crossed off a gazillion things, the list is still getting longer.  We have been busy every day.  The time is going faster and faster.

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